Makeup Revolution is certainly a brand that has established itself well over the past couple of years. Beginning as a small company that aimed to recreate high end products with a considerably lower price tag, they quickly grew to become a well-known drugstore brand. Their eyeshadow palettes rocketed them to fame, with dupes of each Urban Decay Naked palette, as well as dupes for other brands such as Too Faced and Lorac.

One palette that caught my eye whilst shopping for make-up online was the ‘new’ Chocolate Vice palette. The Chocolate palettes are undeniable dupes for the Too Faced Chocolate Bars, so I was interested to see how the Makeup Revolution ones compared. I was, however, unsure as to which Too Faced palette the Vice is supposed to be a dupe for. In short, it isn’t a dupe for any of them. Some people thought that perhaps it was a dupe for the Sweet Peach (a currently limited edition Peach toned summer palette, released early 2016), however, although there are a few similar shades, the resemblance is too small to call the two dupes.

I enjoy the fact that this palette is the newest edition to the Chocolate range, and is unique. The shades range from gorgeous shimmery bronzes and golds, to matte browns, along with some bright pinks thrown into the mix. I think it is an extremely versatile palette, with colors suitable for day and night, and any time of the year; the pinks can be used to brighten up a look during spring or summer, whilst the darker browns and shimmery black can add a smokey feel during the autumn and winter.

The real question is: is it worth the money? The palette currently retails in beauty stores and online for $23.00, which is a real bargain for 16 eyeshadows. The packaging is the same as the other Chocolate palettes released by Makeup Revolution’s sister brand ‘I HEART MAKEUP’; a melting bar of chocolate, but this one is shiny black. To me, this elevates the palette to a higher level of sophistication, but the color doesn’t perhaps represent the true beauty of the colors within. It’s not too chunky, so is certainly suitable for travelling, and the variety of shades means you can be set for a decent variety of looks.

Within the palette, there are 6 matte shades, 7 shimmer, and 3 that are somewhere in between. Each shade is pigmented and creamy to touch, although I find blending some of them a little tricky. Like most drugstore palettes, each shade can vary. The palette to me has an odd smell; I think it’s trying to smell of chocolate, but honestly smells like chemicals. It’s not too pungent, so don’t be put off buying this just because of the scent; you can’t smell it unless you put your nose basically inside. It comes with a double ended brush, which admittedly I throw away or lose almost immediately after purchasing, but would be worth keeping if you’re new onto the makeup scene. These foam brushes can also be nice for packing on colours to the lid, but for someone who already owns way too many makeup brushes, this is not something I particularly need to keep hold off. There’s also a big mirror, which is great for applying product on the go.

Let’s look at the palette shade by shade:

  • Vice: a pale gold toned shimmer. Good pigmentation with little fallout; a nice highlight for the inner corner or brow bone. Could easily be used as a face highlighter.IMG_8481
  • Sway: a pale flesh-toned matte. Not particularly pigmented and a little bit chalky, but nice for an initial lid shade.


  • Satisfy: a pale pink toned shimmer. Good pigmentation but a little bit of fallout if you put a lot on (using MAC’s Fix + or another setting spray will generally help to stop this); a nice highlight for the inner corner or brow bone, and could also be used as a face highlighter.


  • Require: a very unique orange & pink shimmer. Extremely high pigmentation with very little fallout; to me this is the standout shade of the entire palette. Looks stunning all over the lid, and could also be used as a highlighter for those with darker skin tones.


  • Convert: a warm toned matte brown. Fairly good pigmentation although can be a little tricky to blend, so best to build up this shade slowly. This shade can also be a bit chalky if too much is put on the brush, but stick with a large fluffy brush and buff this color into the crease for a perfect transition shade for a warm toned look.


  • Treat: a warm toned deep matte brown. Again, decent pigmentation but a little difficult to blend out. This is the darkest matte shade in the palette, so I often use this as eyeliner, but also looks lovely blended softly out in the outer V to deepen a look.IMG_8487
  • Habit: a golden/bronze shimmer. Extremely high pigmentation and very smooth to apply with little fallout. Gorgeous for an all over lid shade.


  • Persuade: an warm copper shimmer. Again, very buttery with great pigmentation and little to no fallout at all. Using MAC Fix + with this makes it almost appear like a foiled eyeshadow; stunning all over the lid.


  • Need: a cool toned matte brown. This is of a similar depth of color to Convert, but has an almost khaki undertone to it. A little chalky and difficult to blend out well, but decent pigmentation. A really beautiful transition shade for a cool toned look.


  • Crave: a brown/purple deep shimmer. This shadow is extremely shimmery, so appears almost chrome in certain lights. Very buttery and pigmented with little fallout, but a bit difficult to blend. This shade looks stunning with a deep smokey eye in the outer corner.


  • Lust: a deep black shimmer with silver glitter. This shade does have noticeable chunks of glitter in it, so if you’re not a fan of that I would steer clear of this shade. Again, very pigmented with little fallout, but I wish they had included a matte black rather than a shimmer, as I feel this shade is too similar to Crave.


  • Reason: a pale peach shadow; not matte but not shimmery either. More peach toned than Satisfy, which is of a similar depth of color. Beautiful pigmentation with minimal fallout. Gorgeous for all over the lid.


  • Must: a  darker, orange-toned pink, again neither matte nor shimmer. This is the brightest shade in the palette, so a really nice way of adding a pop of color to a look. Good pigmentation with a tiny bit of fallout, and a little difficult to blend. I like to use this under the bottom lash line for some color, but could also be nice buffed lightly into the crease.


  • Maleficence: a warm red-toned matte brown.This shadow is very patchy and has a significant amount of fallout. It is still fairly pigmented, but is certainly one of the weaker shades in the palette. It would still look pretty in the crease or outer corner.


  • Fancy: a deep pink with a hint of gold running through; not matte nor shimmer. Very pigmented, and would look beautiful in the outer corner to warm up a look.


  • Appeal: a matte white. The weakest shade in the palette by far in my opinion. Lacks pigmentation, is extremely patchy and has a lot of fallout, which is a shame as a matte white is fantastic as a brow bone highlight or in the inner corner; stick to Vice or Satisfy for that in this palette.


Overall, this palette is fantastic and definitely worth the money. Although there are a couple of dud shades, the price is so little that it is totally worth opening your wallet for. There’s a nice variety of shades, so a huge range of looks can be achieved. Good work, Makeup Revolution.