I know I’m not alone in lusting after things I can’t afford on the internet. I seem to spend too much of my time on makeup websites, filling my basket with everything I could ever dream of before checking out the total, having a brief bout of heart failure, and pouting as I click the X in the corner of the tab. Having no regular income really sucks, sometimes.

After seeing many, many tweets, blogs, vlogs etc. of people’s BeautyBay hauls, I have been very tempted to check the revered website out, but I never let myself. I knew it would either make me cry or bankrupt me, so I deprived myself of that spiritual experience… until now. Here’s what has me shedding all the tears.

LA Splash | Lip Couture Matte Liquid Lipstick | Untamed

I don’t exactly need anymore liquid lipsticks, but I’ve heard so much about this brand that I would look to try them for myself. I’m tempted by the shade Ghoulish, but I already have quite a similar shade from MUA. I’ve also been after a brown lipstick for what feels like an eternity, and Untamed looks just perfect. I’d love to wear this shade in the autumn to make a change from my usual seasonal berry tones.

Spectrum | CO1 Large Fan Brush


I’m sorry, but would you look at these colours?? I’m usually quite a monochrome person and even I’m dazzled by them. My highlighter gives me utter unicorn vibes, so what better way to apply it than with a brush that resembles this mystic creature?!

Makeup Geek | Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan | Blacklight

I’ve been lusting after Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in the shade Tonic recently — a lilac with a blue shift — but I’m not sure I would be able to justify spending $14.00 on one eyeshadow shade, no matter what my income is. I’ve been wanting to try Makeup Geek’s eyeshadows for a long time as lots of my favorite beauty bloggers create beautiful looks with them, and this shade looks like it’d be a good dupe for Tonic, only almost a tenner cheaper!

Stila | Stay All Day Bronzer for Face and Body

I’ve warmed (get it?) to bronzer over matte contouring powder, but cheaper ones tend to run the risk of having too much shimmer. I’ve heard really lovely things about Stila as a brand, and I know they’re well-known for their liquid lipsticks, but let’s face it — I have enough of those already. This bronzer looks so pretty and a beautiful, warm colour, and as it’s suitable for body as well.

Gerard Cosmetics | Supreme Lip Creme | Wild Berry Tart

At the moment I’m wearing a matte lip look almost everyday, and while it looks absolutely bangin’, it’s proving to be a little drying, and it wouldn’t hurt to change things up a bit. Gerard Cosmetics is another brand I’ve been dying to try, and these lip cremes leave a beautifully glossy finish in a variety of pretty colours. I was drawn to Wonderland to start with, a light powder blue/grey, but I figured this deep pink would suit me a lot more!

Cover FX | Correct Click


I’m not sure how this colour-correcting concealer fares as a product (I think I’ve heard of Cover FX before but I could be wrong), but I was initially drawn to the packaging. It looks really sleek and professional, and the concealer itself is really chunky which means it would hopefully last for ages — which is great, because the past eight years or so have proven that my dark circles aren’t going anywhere! They have other colours as well, like green and purple to target other problem areas.

Laura Geller | Eye Calligraphy Liquid Liner Trio

Don’t these just sound so beautiful? Liner combined with calligraphy, it sounds like something out of a fairy tale. And they look beautiful too — I especially like the look of the thick marker-type nib for a really bold statement look. These would be absolutely perfect for me; if I have a trademark anything, it’s a liner flick — my face looks so naked without it!

Oh, if only. My parents think it’s sad that the only thing motivating me to get a job is all the makeup I can buy… but motivation is motivation, right?!