Me and my skin are mortal enemies (no, really). Since about cringe worthy middle school days I have battled with hormonal acne. Throughout my adolescence I have struggled with every kind of skin care problem imaginable. From hormonal breakouts, cystic acne, perioral dermitius, to just plain old awkward teenage ugliness I could almost say that I have seen it all. It has been the best of times, it has been the worst of times. (Except minus the best of times). Despite this, I have finally found a regimen that works effectively for me and if you struggle with the same type of acne or have similar symptoms these could potentially help you!

Using Cetaphil is something that I recently incorporated into my skin care regimen. The cleansers I used on my face got to be an extensive routine that always concluded with an Native American rain dance chant. To simplify my routine, remove some of the irritating cleansers, and to save myself some time I opted to switch to the gentle cleanser. Since I have been using it I have to say I have experienced less redness, peeling, irritation and dryness. (Plus its only around 7 bucks at your local drug store and does not require a prescription!!!!)
2.Fish Oil Tablets
That’s right folks. Fish oil contains omega 3 (good fatty acids) that help to reduce inflammation all over the body. 99% of the pain and swelling of acne can be attributed to the inflammation of the infected pore. Without the inflammation your skin has a smother look and heals faster. (Fishy-tasting burps are well worth it, trust me I’m not a doctor).
3.Birth Control
Though birth control has many uses, one of the main uses among women is that it helps regulate hormones which in turn help to reduce hormonal breakouts. I suffer from cystic hormonal acne and taking a dual hormonal birth control pill helps to regulate my androgens and reduce the number of breakouts I have along my jaw and around my mouth area.
4.Non-Fluoride Toothpaste
In addition to my cystic acne, it is a double whammy with perioral dermatitis. More than likely and after effect of years of harsh cleansers. My skin is highly irritable and sensitive so I have to be careful not to upset it too much. Fluoride from toothpaste and mouth washes can cause flare ups around my mouth so I opt to use The Honest Company’s Adult Non-Flouride toothpaste. It is a little pricier than your traditional toothpaste but well worth it in regards to skin care.
5. No touchy-touchy
Touching and picking at my face used to be my favorite American past time. Unfortunately all that served to do was spread bacteria and worsen my acne. Now, I avoid touching my face at all costs and never pop pimples. This attributes to scarring and can make your breakouts last longer than they would have initially. To promote healing without popping or picking, opt to use honey or another anti-inflammatory spot treatment.
6.You are what you eat so stop eating pimples!
Changing my diet has also served to clear my skin drastically. I have completely cut dairy out of my diet and very rarely indulge in greasy foods. Here’s a link to an article explaining the link between dairy consumption and acne.