Fall time is rapidly approaching and like many of us, we are looking at our wardrobes and wallets with less than excitement. If you feel as if you can relate, here are some ways you can (cheaply) switch up your style for the cooler months to come.

1. Thrifting

Thrifting can prove useful in the fall time. You can easily acquire many different items to layer and keep you warm

2. Accessorize

a.Instead of completely reinventing your fall wardrobe, it could help to simply accessorize old outfits. Some trends that are emerging this fall are blanket scarves, hats, and booties. Opt to purchase a few of these items and update your closet without really updating your closet. Jewelry can also completely change the look of an outfit.

3. Mix and Match

You may be tired of your wardrobe simply because you wear the same items the same way every time you wear it. It could prove useful to see what other items in your closet a particular blouse pairs with or another pair of shoes you could wear with it. This can completely camouflage the fact that the item is a repeat offender from last year.

4. Alter

If you’re not one for arts and crafts, don’t fret. There are simple and easy ways that you can alter your clothing to give it a fresh new feel. So bust out those be dazzlers. (kidding). But you can always embroider cool designs on the backs of denim jackets, bleach old t-shirts to give them a grunge feel, or distress sweaters to give them that I-paid-kanye-west-400-dollars-for-this-look.