This past weekend I laid eyes on the beautiful Nars packaging on a stand in TJ Maxx. There are some great little bargains in this store and sometimes I forget about how good it actually is! Yes you do have to rummage around and sometimes there is absolutely nothing but occasionally there’s something amazing tucked away somewhere so it’s always worth a look! There was a beautiful eyeshadow there in a very light pearly shade (which I first thought was a highlighter but you actually could definitely use it for that as well). The other product was something i’d never seen from Nars before and it was an eyeshadow pencil in a taupe-y colour. Both shades are so me I couldn’t believe it. I was the human equivalent of the heart eyes emoji…

Both of the products were $8-9 so that’s a huge reduction from the normal $18 you would pay normally.


I also picked up the Body Shop fresh nude foundation to try as I’m so bored of the one i’m using at the moment and have been using for such a long time. I’d heard this is really good and also some shades had very yellow undertones which suit my skin perfectly. In my daily foundation routine I tend to use lighter shades with a yellow undertone for highlighting around my T zone area and a warmer darker shade for my contour. I have a review coming for this soon so keep a look out if you’re in the market for a new foundation!


Lastly I also picked up the Sleek contour kit. This has the best reviews for a drugstore contour kit so I thought I would try it. I’ve used this a few times now and though I prefer my LA Girl concealers for contouring I have to admit I like the way it looks; the blend-ability is a little on the harsh side so keep in mind that a light hand and lots of patience is undoubtedly needed with it!

> Nars soft touch shadow pencil in ‘Iraklion’
>> Nars eyeshadow in ‘Mississippi Mermaid’
>>The Body Shop fresh nude foundation
>> Sleek face contour kit in Medium

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XoXo Mia